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64% of Enterprises will run more than Half of their Critical Applications on the Mainframe Next Year with 23% Fewer Experts than there were 5 Years Ago*

Yup – 64% of Enterprises will run more than Half of their Critical Applications on the Mainframe Next Year with 23% Fewer Experts than there was 5 Years Ago*

Mainframe skills are in demand.

* From: KPIs Are Key to a Successful Digital Strategy, Compuware-commissioned, Forrester research, March 2018

Stream z/OS Master Console WTO Messages & Mainframe SMF Data to Kafka… One by one… Real Time…

… and see the mainframe Kafka topic streaming onto your phone!  See screenshots below of my phone showing Kafka streaming direct from a mainframe.  Low cost… Call me… Joe Polizzi


… and issue mainframe display commands from your phone and produce the results to Kafka and to your phone:


… See real-time CICS DB2 ADABAS IMS error messages on your cell phone and other Kafka topic consumers:


… and pull down your latest SYSLOG messages to your phone from the Kafka bus:


This is the best way to send mainframe data to Kafka with very little mainframe knowledge.

Syncsort Ironstream alternative.

SDS VitalSigns alternative.

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder

Best way to contact –LinkedIn
(602) 334-0617  (623) 594-3956

z/os smf to kafka, send wto messages to kafka, z/os messaging, mainframe to kafka, mainframe alerting, open source, talend, mdi

Affordable IBM DS6800 Mainframe DASD Replacement & Alternative

If your IBM DS6800 is on its last legs, email me and I will let you know of a great FICON based rack mounted alternative.  Yes, replace all of your DS6800 DASD at a fraction of the cost of traditional mainframe DASD disk solutions.

Email me at


Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956


The Future of Mainframes

Authored by Christopher Tozzi

The Future of Mainframes

While predicting the future is always risky business, it’s easy enough to look at current trends in the mainframe industry and extrapolate on them to understand how mainframes might change over the next ten years. Key observations in that vein include:

  • Mainframes remain alive and well

Folks have been predicting the imminent demise of mainframes for years. So far, they’ve been wrong. Although the roles of mainframes have certainly changed somewhat over time, mainframes remain essential in a number of major industries. It seems a safe bet, then, that mainframes will continue to thrive ten years from now. (It may also be a safe bet that naysayers will continue to doubt the future of mainframes a decade into the future, too, but we think they’ll still be wrong.)

  • COBOL modernization

COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages that remains widely used. Despite its age, it’s likely not going anywhere anytime soon. COBOL is, however, undergoing a modernization process. Better performance, more easily reusable code and other innovations are on the table for COBOL going forward.

  • Mainframes get smaller

When most people hear mainframe, they think of the gigantic computers of old. Modern mainframes, of course, can be as small as a refrigerator. Mainframes will probably continue to grow smaller in physical size as they evolve over the coming decade.

  • Mainframes get more powerful

One of the factors that drives mainframes’ continuing popularity is their ability to process huge quantities of data. In this respect, mainframes have long been ahead of the cloud and commodity servers. Even as conventional servers also gain more computing power, mainframes will likely retain their lead — because massive computing power is, after all, one of the defining features of mainframes.

  • Mainframes support multiple operating systems

The ability of mainframes to support native operating systems like z/OS and Linux is another powerful feature. It allows them to host diverse workloads. Over time, we think that mainframes will be able to take on even more diverse sets of operating systems. More Linux distributions may deliver mainframe support, and there are signs that even Microsoft Windows could become an operating system contender in the mainframe world.

  • Mainframes adapt to new IT trends

As innovations like continuous delivery and Docker have reshaped the way organizations develop and deploy software, mainframes have kept pace. While it’s hard to know exactly which new trends may arrive in the IT industry over the coming decade, it’s a good bet that mainframes will adapt to them, too.

  • Easier integration

The mainframe industry has already made great strides in integrating mainframes with other types of infrastructure, but problems remain. Offloading mainframe data to environments like Hadoop can be challenging. So can integrating COBOL with other types of languages. Expect these challenges to continue to be smoothed over as vendors work to make mainframes jive more seamlessly with other infrastructure and applications.

In short, mainframes are likely to become faster and more flexible — while also shrinking in physical size — over the next ten years. They are poised to retain their unique niche as massively powerful computing solutions that can beat out the conventional cloud and cater to use cases that commodity servers just can’t handle.

Download the full State of the 2018 State of the Mainframe report to learn even more about what’s to come.


Read mainframe data forever without a mainframe & with no recurring costs

BEFORE YOU UNPLUG YOUR MAINFRAME!!  Consider securely archiving some or all of your mainframe data to the “cloud” and be able to read it forever, without a mainframe.

Archive your mainframe disk and tape data quickly.  Simply “double click” and read your archived mainframe (without a mainframe) forever.

We have a unique way to quickly save your mainframe databases, VSAM, PDS, COPYLIBs, and all other “simply-unknown” files, securely to your distributed file systems or cloud storage repositories.  Your mainframe data will be unaltered.  Your data remains in EBCDIC (not ASCII) format.  However, when you double click, you will see your DEEP ARCHIVED database data in readable format.  Double click and you can read your COBOL copybook members, assembler exits, REXX, ADABAS, macros, utility, flat file and home grown programs.

You can quickly upload and restore your DEEP ARCHIVE files back to another mainframe if required.

Engage us 4 to 6 months before you plan to “pull the plug” on your mainframe to ensure your selected mainframe data is permanently archived properly and legally.


Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956

How to start an IBM z/OS ServerPac Install (v2r2 v2.2)

Do you need to get started on a ServerPac Install? Sometimes the hardest point to start is right at the beginning… This process is called RIMLOAD – This August 2017 JCL will get the CPAC dialog installed. This particular install is from 3590 Tape.

Know your order number. It will be used in the input dataset name (as you see in the first step below).  Run similar JCL to unload the LOADRIM unload batch job.  The example resides on the 6th file on the tape that was shipped.  Tape is not normal now – in today’s world, everything is via secure file transfer.


Next, edit the 4 fields (see Note 1) to match your installation standards – I use the “CHANGE ALL” ISPF command.


After I run the job, I see that magically, all datasets have been created!



More to follow – now that these datasets are ready, you will need to run the ServerPac dialog.

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956 – Option # 1

A Call to Retired, Semi-retired & Displaced Mainframe Gurus

Hello Retired Semi-retired Displaced Mainframers:, Inc., Trainframe and are joining forces to help bridge the mainframe knowledge gap. Our objective is to team-up USA based Millennial Apprentices with USA based displaced mainframe “senior gurus”.  USA Millennials should register through the established formalized ApprenticeshipUSA program. USA based semi-retired, retired or displaced Mainframe Mentors should register at .

Ideally, we’d love to team you up with a registered ApprenticeshipUSA Millennial in your family that would love to learn mainframe technology. Spread the word!

Our current mainframe mentoring needs are: (but are not limited to)

  • z/OS z/VM z/VSE z/TPF
  • Mainframe Navigation / TSO ISPF SDSF
  • Systems Programming
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Operations
  • Storage Management
  • DB2
  • IMS
  • CICS
  • Programming COBOL, REXX, Assembler, SAS
  • Mainframe Administration
  • Mainframe Performance
  • Mainframe Capacity Planning
  • HMC HCD HCM Mainframe Hardware and Peripherals

The Federal & State sponsored ApprenticeshipUSA program is not available to VISA, H1B, OFFSHORE workers.

Thank you,

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder  – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956 – Option # 1

7-7-17 – IBM Announces Their New System Z Class Machine – the IBM z14 !

IBM z14



Link to IBM z14 Announcement

Presto crypto: IBM releases gruntier, faster Z14 mainframe

z14 on YouTube

IBM dangles carrot of full encryption to lure buyers to new z14 mainframe

IBM Market Place

IBM’s Plan To Encrypt Unthinkable Amounts of Sensitive Data

The z14’s new features, particularly greater security enabled through pervasive encryption, will help mainframe customers optimize “digital trust”, heightening user confidence that their sensitive data is being kept safe and secure. Additional hardware capacity and performance optimizations will also help customers more fully leverage their mainframes as a competitive asset.

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder  – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956 – Option # 1

Backward-incompatible… NO BACKWARD COMPATABILITY???? WHAT??? HADOOP/PYTHON … C’mon…

The mainframe has always been “backwards compatible” – I am trying hard to work with Hadoop and I get the following message that is not APPRECIATED!

“However, due to some improvements and code refactorings, a few APIs have been rendered backward-incompatible.”

Nice.  Programmer friendly.