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An Open Memo to IBM

Dear IBM,

Please allow the world to freely download and play with your z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and z/TPF operating systems AND your goodies such as CICS, DB2, IMS, COBOL, REXX, USS, Assembler, etc. You can call this download package “Mainframe Lite”. Today, we can freely and, “fairly” anonymously, download and play with Ubuntu running Spark lite, Hadoop lite and Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. We are learning and becoming more proficient on these systems and DBs daily. We will be adding this to our resumes and many seasoned and smart mainframers will jump ship. Most of the young, smart up-and-coming techs may never know of what the mainframe is capable of. Every day you delay, more FREE non-mainframe downloadable IT solutions are announced. We will download and play with them and put them on our resumes too. But our heart is with your IBM mainframe. It’s our friend. More than anything, we are angry that new CIOs hate the mainframe… Obviously, your OS’ would never become open source projects. Simply package them with Hercules and let the world download them onto Windows, IPL and have fun. YouTube and chat rooms will get folks up to speed in a hurry. You got to make new CIOs comfortable with the mainframe. That has to happen from the ground up. Thanks for listening.

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder  – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956 – Option # 1

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