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A Call to Retired, Semi-retired & Displaced Mainframe Gurus

Hello Retired Semi-retired Displaced Mainframers:, Inc., Trainframe and are joining forces to help bridge the mainframe knowledge gap. Our objective is to team-up USA based Millennial Apprentices with USA based displaced mainframe “senior gurus”.  USA Millennials should register through the established formalized ApprenticeshipUSA program. USA based semi-retired, retired or displaced Mainframe Mentors should register at .

Ideally, we’d love to team you up with a registered ApprenticeshipUSA Millennial in your family that would love to learn mainframe technology. Spread the word!

Our current mainframe mentoring needs are: (but are not limited to)

  • z/OS z/VM z/VSE z/TPF
  • Mainframe Navigation / TSO ISPF SDSF
  • Systems Programming
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Operations
  • Storage Management
  • DB2
  • IMS
  • CICS
  • Programming COBOL, REXX, Assembler, SAS
  • Mainframe Administration
  • Mainframe Performance
  • Mainframe Capacity Planning
  • HMC HCD HCM Mainframe Hardware and Peripherals

The Federal & State sponsored ApprenticeshipUSA program is not available to VISA, H1B, OFFSHORE workers.

Thank you,

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder  – Founder/CEO – MF Training & Internship – Founder/CEO – MF Services, Staffing & Consulting
(623) 594-3956 – Option # 1

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