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How to start an IBM z/OS ServerPac Install (v2r2 v2.2)

Do you need to get started on a ServerPac Install? Sometimes the hardest point to start is right at the beginning… This process is called RIMLOAD – This August 2017 JCL will get the CPAC dialog installed. This particular install is from 3590 Tape.

Know your order number. It will be used in the input dataset name (as you see in the first step below).  Run similar JCL to unload the LOADRIM unload batch job.  The example resides on the 6th file on the tape that was shipped.  Tape is not normal now – in today’s world, everything is via secure file transfer.


Next, edit the 4 fields (see Note 1) to match your installation standards – I use the “CHANGE ALL” ISPF command.


After I run the job, I see that magically, all datasets have been created!



More to follow – now that these datasets are ready, you will need to run the ServerPac dialog.

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