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Stream z/OS Master Console WTO Messages & Mainframe SMF Data to Kafka… One by one… Real Time…

… and see the mainframe Kafka topic streaming onto your phone!  See screenshots below of my phone showing Kafka streaming direct from a mainframe.  Low cost… Call me… Joe Polizzi


… and issue mainframe display commands from your phone and produce the results to Kafka and to your phone:


… See real-time CICS DB2 ADABAS IMS error messages on your cell phone and other Kafka topic consumers:


… and pull down your latest SYSLOG messages to your phone from the Kafka bus:


This is the best way to send mainframe data to Kafka with very little mainframe knowledge.

Syncsort Ironstream alternative.

SDS VitalSigns alternative.

Joe Polizzi
Founder/CEO, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ – Founder

Best way to contact –LinkedIn
(602) 334-0617  (623) 594-3956

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