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vTech Solution

Read mainframe data forever without a mainframe & with no recurring costs

BEFORE YOU UNPLUG YOUR MAINFRAME!!  Consider securely archiving some or all of your mainframe data to the “cloud” and be able to read it forever, without a mainframe.

Archive your mainframe disk and tape data quickly.  Simply “double click” and read your archived mainframe (without a mainframe) forever.

We have a unique way to quickly save your mainframe databases, VSAM, PDS, COPYLIBs, and all other “simply-unknown” files, securely to your distributed file systems or cloud storage repositories.  Your mainframe data will be unaltered.  Your data remains in EBCDIC (not ASCII) format.  However, when you double click, you will see your DEEP ARCHIVED database data in readable format.  Double click and you can read your COBOL copybook members, assembler exits, REXX, ADABAS, macros, utility, flat file and home grown programs.

You can quickly upload and restore your DEEP ARCHIVE files back to another mainframe if required.

Engage us 4 to 6 months before you plan to “pull the plug” on your mainframe to ensure your selected mainframe data is permanently archived properly and legally.


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